Save Our Riverfront Bushland 
Westlake-Riverhills Bushcare Group
No. 11
March 1999
 Article extract
Tennent St panorama
Tennent Street (looking east)
A pedestrian pathway has been worn across
the new privateallotments to Callabonna St
since completion of work in December 1998.
Riverfront bushland and river
in the background.
(looking south)
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New subdivision fails to provide pedestrian and cycle access

This wide angle view above shows the newly completed subdivision between Tennent and Callabonna Streets, Westlake.

In our October 1998 newsletter we expressed concerns regarding the impacts incurred on the abutting riverfront bushland and the lack of prior consultation.

With the recent completion of the subdivision works the full impacts are now evident. As can be seen from the well worn path in the above photograph, there is a heavy pedestrian (and cyclist) demand for access between Tennent Street (at left) and Callabonna Street (at the ridge in the background).

However, it appears the design of the subdivision as approved by Council fails to make adequate provision for pedestrian and cycle linkages between the two streets. Other impacts during construction included the flooding and siltation damage to WRBG weedbuster plantings carried out since October 1997.

The location of this damage is in the deep gully south of the ''Big Fig Tree" , where the filling from the subdivision encroached some 12 metres into the parkland, within metres of the bushcare plantings.

We also have concerns that the volume of surface runoff from the fully developed subdivision, being channeled into the gully near Gidgi Close, will have create signficant erosion in the gully.      See picture below: Gully at Gidgi Close

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