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No. 11
March 1999

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Green Corps Project 
Landcare Month 
     - Display in Library 
Subdivisional Issues 
     - Tennent Street 
     - Balaton Street 
BCC News 
     - Riverside Parks Strategy 
     - Draft City Plan 
     - What is BWWAC? 
Last Working Bee 
Bushcare Trailer 
Indigenous Linkages Project 
Nature Watch 
Trees 2000 Partnership with Middle Park Primary School 
Pensive Pelican 
BCC Regenerator Newsletter 
Green Corps Project underway at Westlake 
The Green Corps Team  A Green Corps funded project in progress at Westlake, in Brisbane's Centenary suburbs, is an excellent example of a cooperative partnership in urban landcare. The project involves development of a walking path with boardwalks and small timber bridges, and associated bushland rehabilitation. 
(See full article)

Landcare Month... 
"The Bigger Backyard"
March is Landcare Month. Its theme is "The Bigger Backyard", encouraging people to look beyond their own patch and see how we all impact on the bigger catchment. 

Westlake Riverhills Bushcare Group (WRBG) will launch its celebration of the event with a bushland care display at Mt Ommaney Library for the duration of the month. WRBG is also holding its monthly working bee. Meet at Balaton Street, Westlake, on Sunday, 7 March, 8-10am for tree planting and bush rehabilitation work. See separate notice at left. 
Display in Library 
Display LHS Display RHS 
WRBG has mounted a display (above) for Landcare Month in the Mt Ommaney Library foyer, publicising the activities of both WRBG and Jindalee Bushland Care Group. 

Vandalism of trees 
Chopped tree The happy occasion of the Green Corps project launch was marred by wanton acts of vandalism. Up to 13 trees were either mutilated, ringbarked or chopped down between Friday 11th and Thursday 17th December.
Chopped tree

The damage coincided with the erection of a rope swing by unknown parties. However, there was no excuse for the senseless acts of vandalism to trees, and the creation of a significant erosion hotspot.

Graffiti damage was also caused to the rock escarpment at the cave.

New subdivision fails to provide pedestrian and cycle access
In our October 1998 newsletter we expressed concerns regarding the impacts incurred on the abutting riverfront bushland and the lack of prior consultation.

With the recent completion of the subdivision works the full impacts are now evident. Tennent St panorama

(See full article)

Balaton Street subdivision proposal impacts on bushland park 
Given the problems which have occurred at Tennent Street and Callabonna Street with lack of continuity of access and impact on the bushland, WRBG views with considerable concern the possible repetition at Balaton Street, Westlake, 600m to the south.

Council is currently is deliberating upon a development application south of Balaton Street with even more severe consequences on bushland linkages and continuity of pedestrian and cycle traffic.

At Balaton Street, the developer's proposal would extend the property boundary halfway down the steep riverbank to within 4.5m of a major land slip. The slip occurred after major flooding of the river in May 1996.

Council officers have in the past steadfastly ignored the efforts of SORB and WRBG representatives since 1993 to bring to their attention the faulty planning of having the boundary below the high bank, given the known instability of these banks.

WRBG is considering further action.

Riverside Parks Strategy 
A draft report and plans for the Centenary Riverside Parks Strategy was released for comment in late February. Prepared by BCC's Community Development program, the plans have evolved from ongoing public consultation which commenced in May 1998.

Further public input in the lead up to this draft was coordinated by CRAC (Centenary Riverfront Advisory Committee) through subcommittees covering a range of topics such as bushcare, bikeways, sports, water recreation, family activities and cultural issues.

These committees have been active over the period from December through to date, and will be reporting to the CRAC General Meeting to held held at Mt Ommaney Library, Thursday, 25 March 1999.

Enquiries: Noel Wilson 3376 1412

Draft City Plan
The new BCC town plan will be on display for public comment from early March to early June. The City Plan responds to the revised planning framework under the Integrated Planning Act (IPA).

Positive aspects include greater emphasis upon ecologically sustainable development and having defined environmental performance outcomes.

WRBG welcomes interested persons who wish to assist in reviewing the new plan.
Contact Ed on 3376 1389.

What is BWWAC?
As reported in the October 1998 newsletter, WRBG member Ed Parker has been appointed to the new 14-person Bushland, Wetlands and Waterways Advisory Committee (BWWAC).

The BWWAC provides external, community-based advice to BCC for policy development aimed at protecting, enhancing and managing Brisbane's natural environment.

BWWAC has a sister committee, the Urban Environment Advisory Committee, also comprising 14 members which concentrate on urban management issues.

BWWAC has now met several times and is currently finalising its initial work program. A key early activity will be to analyse and advise on the new draft City Plan.

Report of last Working Bee
Our first working bee for the year was held on 7 February 1999 at Balaton Street. Nine volunteers attended, including 2 representatives of Brisbane Kiwanas, to plant no less than 150 native trees, shrubs and grasses!

The site of the work was previously prepared by the Green Corps project with weeding and mulching before Christmas.

This joint collaboration will provide an attractive entrance statement to the new pathway, boardwalks and bridges being built by the Green Corps team (see separate article).

Bushcare Trailer
Following a concept first raised by WRBG, our group and Jindalee Bushland Care Group have obtained a secondhand trailer courtesy of VIP Mowing.

This is another example of joint working between our two Centenary bushcare groups. The aim is to pool and share our equipment to obtain more effective use of the gear, now that we have a permanent use of a purpose-built trailer.

BCC Environmental Grant funding support secured by CRAC (Centenary Riverfront Advisory Committee) has enabled repairs and painting to be undertaken.

WRBG first put the trailer into action at its February working bee.

BCC Environmental Grants
Indigenous linkages project

WRBG has been successful in obtaining a grant of $2700 to undertake a project to identify indigenous linkages with the bushland at Pullen Reach, Westlake.

Inspiration for the project came from a past visit to the site, in 1995, by the late Mr Neville Bonner who passed away in February. Mr Bonner, Jagera Elder and former Senator who passed away in February, identified the sandstone rock escarpments as having cultural significance.

Consultation has commenced with FAIRA (Foundation of Aboriginal and Islander Research Action) in order to engage with appropriate representatives of the local Aboriginal community.

The project aims to heighten awareness in the local community of Aboriginal history and culture.

Nature Watch
Bearded Dragon 1  Bearded Dragon 2 
This little fellow was observed recently crossing Sumners Road, Riverhills. His huffed-up posture is an act of bravado in the face of danger. (Bearded Dragon, Pogona barbata.)

Trees 2000 Partnership with Middle Park Primary School
Middle Park Primary School (MPPS) has initiated a Trees 2000 project. Students will be involved in raising native plant seedlings from February to September this year.

WRBG has agreed to partner with the school by identifying suitable planting sites at the Pullen Reach riverfront bushland. WRBG will also coordinate planting bees by students and their parents in the Spring.

Mrs Rana Baguley, a teacher at MPPS, initiated the concept and obtained funding the project.

Pensive Pelican
Pelican Caught on film at the Brisbane River bend between Popes Reach and Pullen Reach, near Cascade Close, Riverhills. (Pelecanus conspicillatus)

Regenerator Newsletter
BCC's Habitat Brisbane is the program that sponsors bushland care in Brisbane through groups such as our own WRBG.

"The Regenerator" is the quarterly Habitat Brisbane newsletter which provides bushland news and stories Brisbane-wide. The Summer 1998 issue recently released features the Green Corps project at our site.

If you are not currently on the mailing list for "The Regenerator" and wish to be, please let Ed know (tel. 3376 1389).

All welcome!! 
Join our happy group of weedbusters and tree planters. Bring hat, strong shoes, sunscreen, drink, gardening gloves (if available). 

Sunday, 7 March, 1999 
8:00 - 10:00am* 
Meet at Balaton St riverfront, Westlake. 

Sunday, 18 April, 1999 
8:00 - 10:00am 
Joint working bee with the Green Corps project team.
Meet at Balaton St riverfront, Westlake.
(Note date change due to Easter)

Thereafter, first Sunday of the month: 8:00 - 10:00am. 
Venues to be advised. 

Enquiries:  Maree  3376 5803 (BH)    Ed  3376 1389 (AH) 

*Note earlier times for summer.  

Publication of this newsletter was supported by the Brisbane City Councilís Environmental Grants Program. 

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Save Our Riverfront Bushland (SORB) is a Centenary Suburbs residents' committee established as a result of a public meeting on 1 Sep 1991 held to express concern at the clearing of large tracts of remnant riverfront bushland.  

SORB embraces the joint goals of:  

  • protection of remnant bushland; 
  • retention of public access to the riverfront; and 
  • adequate provision of public open space in the Centenary Suburbs.
SORB formed the Westlake-Riverhills Bushcare Group (WRBG), a community group operating under BCC's Bushland Care Program which supports coummunity bushland rehabilitation activities in Brisbane. Established since 1993, WRBG's focus at present is the bushland remnant on the eastern flank of Pullen Reach of the Brisbane River. 

Convenor: Maree Norris (3376 6906)  
Editor/Secretary: Ed Parker (3376 1389)  
Correspondence: c/- 3 Bibras Street, Westlake,4074  
Treasurer: Maria Delahunty (3279 4472)  
Committee member: Walter Wood (3376 3103 BH)  


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