Save Our Riverfront Bushland Sightings of Macropods -
in southern areas of
Centenary Suburbs
Area   Observation
Observation Details
RNW = Red-necked Wallaby
SW = Swamp Wallaby
(Sightings are for RNW unless otherwise stated.)
Recorded by
A1 Wacol Station Rd to Brumby Ct
2-Nov-02 Up to 10 individuals. Most are RNW, with 2 SW.  Observed every night in last week.
SW are more shy and will scatter to bush on being disturbed.  RNW stay and watch vehicle passes.
Graze throughout this area, including within the grounds of Centenary Tavern - grassed areas, and on umners Rd nature strip.
2-Nov-02 WW EP
A2 Tomkins Rd
2-Nov-02 Up to 6 individuals from time to time.  Sighted 3 nights in last week.  Nil sightings for some weeks at a time. 2-Nov-02 WW EP
B1 Westlake Dr (south)
2-Nov-02 Sightings now rare, for last couple of months (since browning-off of swamp near Sumners Rd bus terminus).
Used to be 4 or 5 individuals most nights (4 to 5 nights per week)
2-Nov-02 WW EP
B2 Curlew Place to Daintree Place
2-Nov-02 1 or 2 individuals, infrequently.  Last sighting was last week (late Oct) 2-Nov-02 WW EP
B3 Sumners Road (substation)
2-Nov-02 Occasional sightings.  Last time 2 weeks ago (mid Oct)
One large Red Kangaroo occasionally.
2-Nov-02 WW EP
C1 Callabonna Street
2-Nov-02 More than 2 individuals, often 3 or 4 individuals, 50 to 6 nights per week.
Often on vacant residential blocks but dash back across road to riverfront bush when disturbed by vehicle on road.
2-Nov-02 WW EP
C2 Barcoorah Street
2-Nov-02 Several individuals, 4 to 5 nights per week.
2 months ago (~August), sighted 5 small ones at NW corner of Barcoorah St.
2-Nov-02 WW EP
C3 Balaton Street
2-Nov-02 1 or 2 individuals, infrequently.  2-Nov-02 WW EP

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