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Update Leaflet No. 1
31 March 1999
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RFGM Regional Landscape Strategy and the 
Flinders Peak to Bay Islands Corridor 
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RFGM '98 
Regional Framework for Growth Management 
Regional Outline Plan (ROP) 
Regional Landscape Strategy 

South East Queensland Tree Clearing Summit - July 1996 

Draft City Plan... 

Maps of Greenbank to Karawatha corridor: 
Greenbank - Beaudesert Rd (65Kb file) 
Beaudesert Rd - Karawatha (28Kb file) 
Greenbank - Karawatha (Small 40Kb file) 
Greenbank - Karawatha (Large 155Kb file) 

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This is an update of recent action by members of various Brisbane southside environmental groups seeking to highlight the importance of what has been tentatively dubbed (by those groups) the Flinders Peak to Bay Islands Corridor (FPBIC).  This action seeks to draw attention to the strategic significance of retaining strong bushland linkages in the afore-mentioned corridor, which includes the Karawatha - Greenbank Corridor.  An opportunity exists to advocate strongly  for the FPBIC in the current Regional Landscape Strategy processes under the RFGM '98 (Regional Framework for Growth Management).  The current BCC Draft City Plan public exhibition process is also relevant for the Brisbane City component of the corridor. 
Satellite photomap of FPBI Corridor (Low res) 
Some background is explained first for those not already familiar with the SEQ 2001 regional planning processes.  (Apologies to those who hate acronyms, but you'll have to bear with it!) 

The RFGM processes arose out of the SEQ 2001 regional planning processes for SE Queensland and seeks to provide a strategic framework for issues of growth management for the region.  The RFGM '98 document identifies a wide range of strategies, Regional Outline Plans (ROP's) and the Govt lead agencies responsible for actions required.  The structures for administering these include Regional Organisations of Councils (ROC's), ie. groups of Local Govt Councils in the various geographic sectors (WesROC, SouthROC, NorsROC, etc.), including the totality under SEQROC. 

For details of SEQ 2001 RFGM, refer link:  http://projects.dcilgp.qld.gov.au/seq2001/ 

Included within the Regional Outline Plan (ROP) of the RFGM '98 is the Regional Landscape Strategy (RLS), for which the lead agency is Dept of Natural Resources (DNR).  The RLS aims to "protect regionally significant open space in SEQ for current and future generations."  It is the current incarnation of what was previously the ROSS (Regional Open Space Strategy). 

Refer links: 
RFGM 98 - Regional Outline Plan (ROP) 
Note Section 5 of ROP:  Regional Landscape Strategy 

DNR Regional Landscape Strategy 

Implementation of the RLS is the responsibility of the Regional Landscape Strategy Advisory Council (RLSAC).  Membership of this Ctee is some 20 people drawn from SEQ region Local Govt Councils (rep from each of NorsROC, WesROC, SouthROC, BCC); Govt Depts (DNR, DEH, DCILGP, DTSR); various industry, agricultural, landholder, tourism and recreation groups; etc.  Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) has a representative, Peter Kuttner.  The current Chair of the Committee is Darryl Low Choy (Griffith University). 

The concept of what has been tentatively termed the Flinders Peak to Bay Islands Corridor (FPBIC) was generated by community members across various Brisbane southside community groups including Oxley Creek Environment Group (OCEG), Oxley Creek Catchment Association (OCCA), Karawatha Forest Protection Society (KFPS), Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Ctee, Brisbane Region Environment Council (BREC), Southern Regional Alliance and Wildlife Protection Society of Queensland (East Logan Branch)

For now, please respond to the undersigned on any of the following: 

.. You support the concept but you seek no further involvement or info updates; 
.. You support the concept and keep on the mailing list for future updates;  (email is easy and preferred if possible, else fax or mail address - logistics of latter yet to be addressed) 
.. Support the concept and wish to assist (please state, eg.planning, identifying issues, knowledge of key sites, development of presentation material, etc.); 
.. Any other feedback, advice, or corrections to above. 

Prepared by 

Ed Parker 
Save Our Riverfront Bushland (SORB)  

Interim Coordinator 
Flinders Peak to Bay Islands Corridor Coalition 
31 March 1999 

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Save Our Riverfront Bushland (SORB) is a Centenary Suburbs residents' committee established as a result of a public meeting on 1 Sep 1991 held to express concern at the clearing of large tracts of remnant riverfront bushland.  

SORB embraces the joint goals of:  

  • protection of remnant bushland; 
  • retention of public access to the riverfront; and 
  • adequate provision of public open space in the Centenary Suburbs.
SORB formed the Westlake-Riverhills Bushcare Group (WRBG), a community group operating under BCC's Bushland Care Program which supports coummunity bushland rehabilitation activities in Brisbane. Established since 1993, WRBG's focus at present is the bushland remnant on the eastern flank of Pullen Reach of the Brisbane River. 

Convenor: Maree Norris (3376 6906)  
Editor/Secretary: Ed Parker (3376 1389)  
Correspondence: c/- 3 Bibras Street, Westlake,4074  
Treasurer: Maria Delahunty (3279 4472)  
Committee member: Walter Wood (3376 3103 BH)  
Email: eparker@ozemail.com.au  
Web: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~eparker/sorb.html

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